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Giving back to the planet after the pandemic

The corona virus hits us hard, disrupting our supply chains, crashing the world economy and exposing our vulnerabilities. It has shone a harsh light on our frailties, to encourage us to become more self-sufficient.

So we discovered we could all grow food. Growing our own food, meant we could choose what types of food to grow in the way that we want. We could avoid nasty chemicals, ensure our vegetables are only packed with healthy nutrients and refuse to support intensive farming practices that cause environmental degradation

Findings show that between 30% and 60% of our personal eco-footprint is embodied in the food we buy. Growing our own food is the most sustainable practice we could all do today to give back to the planet. 

Growing mushrooms is also known to be the most sustainable vegetable from the beginning of the growing process to harvest. Mushrooms require less growing materials, water and energy than other crops, emit much less carbon dioxide, require less land and even supports the health and immunity of the natural habitats where it grows. Mushroom mycelium is a cellular bridge connecting bees, trees, bears, plants and humans to the ecosystems in which they live. They are our heroes that support the survival of our Earth's ecosystem. 

So why not grow mushrooms?


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