We are fungi experts and we hope that by sharing our enthusiasm and passion for fungi, more people can be informed about the workings of nature, entertained by its neat structure, and healed by its countless benefits. Mushrooms play an indispensable role on the planet, recycling organic matter and providing us with many health benefits. 

Most of our operations take place at our farm in Healesville. We're surrounded with clean air, clear water and healthy soil. 


Our farm is open for tours and visits for direct purchases. But make sure you make an appointment before hand, so we can be there to attend you.
We operate on weekdays only.


Wes A. and Wes S. ensuring the indoor operations are under control.


Beautiful pink oyster grow kits ready for harvest.


Tom with the Turkey Tail mushroom he stumbled upon.


Shiitake and shimeji grow kits at the entrance of the farm.


16 Airlie Road Healesville VIC 3777
Orders and product inquiries: info@gramcofungishop.com
Collaborations and business inquiries: office@gramcofungishop.com