The Gourmet Mushroom Farm was not what I expected. Can I get a refund?

We know you will love these growing kits. But if for any reason you are not totally satisfied with it, just send us an email. We have a money-back guarantee for products purchased within 90 days. *Please note the refund doesn't include shipping costs.

I want to order a fresh mushroom box, but I'm unable to pick them up from the 5 pickup locations. What can I do?
Shoot us a message at with your address, and we'll see if we can deliver it to you.



I'm not much of a grower... Would it be difficult to grow these mushrooms?

We've taken care of the hard part for you! The bags are designed so mushrooms will grow easily with simply keeping them in a suitable condition and spraying. All you have to do is spray, wait and eat! Here's the easiest kind to grow!

Where do I keep the mushroom box?

The mushroom box can be placed anywhere indoors or even outdoors in a spot protected from bright sunlight and strong wind. We recommend keeping it in the shower room where it's damp, kitchen, laundry room or anywhere indoors. Mushrooms thrive in dark forests with dappled light. Give me an idea!

When do I know it's time to harvest?

They can be harvested as soon as you notice that they've stopped growing. The entire crop can be twisted off with your hands.

I've been spraying the box so much that the cardboard is becoming soft and weak. Can I take the bag out of the box?

Yes, mushrooms will grow even when the box is removed. Go ahead and remove it if the box is becoming weak and not standing by itself anymore. Mushrooms can also fruit from the top of the block, so it may be helpful to remove the box towards the end.

My mushrooms aren't fruiting. What do I do? 

You might have to wait a little longer that 3-4 days as the instructions says, depending on its conditions. If you've continued to water for 2 weeks and it hasn't fruited, shoot us an email. One of our experts will give you some tips.