We grow a variety of mushrooms at our farm in Healesville and wholesale products from trusted growers. Here are some common and exotic mushrooms we have.  

White Oyster
Versatile mushrooms known for improving human and environmental health. These fleshy mushrooms are easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medicinally supportive. We recommend beginner growers to start with the white oyster kits.  

Pink Oyster
Pink oysters have a bright pink colour and more ruffled appearance than the whites. These oysters tend to be more woody and tough, and also more pungent. The flavour is just like bacon when cooked up. When growing, they are  strong in warmer weather. 


Yellow Oyster
The Yellow Oyster Mushroom, sometimes called the Golden Oyster, grows fast and fruits heavily in vibrantly bright “bouquets.” When cooked for a good amount of time, a balanced “nutty” flavour develops. Yellow Oysters are easy to grow but are extremely delicate with relatively thin fruiting bodies.  

Grey Oyster
They have dark caps and pale gills, and the contrast can give a nice appearance. When young, the cap is a blue colour but starts to turn grey after some time. The fruit is thick and versatile for culinary uses.

They are a popular mushroom in Japan, noted for their crisp texture, mild flavour and nutty richness. Known for being a good source of protein, they also contain many of the B vitamins, potassium, zinc, and copper.  


Shiitake have a unique flavour with rich nutrient content. They strengthen the bones, promote skin health, reduce inflammation, prevent premature ageing, and boost circulation. There are indications that the lentinan found in shiitake mushrooms could be effective at fighting cancer.

Lion's mane
Also known as the "smart mushroom," lion's mane is proven to provide mental clarity and focus support. They are a powerful catalyst for brain cell regeneration helping improve memory and cognition. The taste and texture is similar to lobster or crab; stringy, meaty, and delicate. Once cooked, it's slightly chewy, tender, and juicy, with a seafood-like taste. Lion's mane readily takes on the flavour of spices and sauces. 


Even though small in size, these mushrooms are packed with vitamins and minerals. With a short white stem and a copper-coloured cap, they typically grow in tiny clusters and are usually found in oak and beech forests in Asia. They are commonly used to thicken soups and sauces.