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Birthday Bundle (Grow kit + Powder + Personalised card)

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A birthday bundle for all your loved ones. Choose a grow kit so they can grow a mushroom bouquet and a powder that suits their needs. The bundle comes with the option to add a personalised message on a craft card 100% made of recycled paper.

Choose 1 grow kit:

  • White oyster
  • Grey oyster
  • Pink oyster
  • Yellow oyster

Choose 1 mushroom powder:

  • Lion's Mane (Memory, focus, gut health)
  • Reishi (Stress relief, deep sleep, calm)
  • Chaga (Anti-ageing, radiant skin, anti-inflammatory)
  • Cordyceps (Energy, athletic performance, beat fatigue)
  • Maitake (Antiviral, anti-inflammatory)
  • Turkey Tail (Immunity, gut health, liver cleanse)
  • Mushroom Blend (Super blend of all of the above)

Personalised message card:
Include your message in the "notes" section at check-out. If there are no requests, we will send a card written "Happy Birthday!"

*Please order in advance for the gift to arrive on time.